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Smith + Crown

Smith + Crown is a research group focused on the revolutionary technologies in the emerging field of cryptofinance. Entrepreneurs are building blockchains, launching smart contracts, developing distributes autonomous organizations, re-imagining digital privacy, re-designing the architecture of the Internet, and broadly finding ways to make centralized systems more distributed.

We want to bridge the gap between the technologies and those who want to learn more. The cultural, economic, and societal implications of these technologies will be significant. We live in a unique time, and Smith + Crown is a place where we can tell the stories of these technologies, the people who build them, and how they will affect our lives in the years to come.

Smith + Crown and its various components are a open beta and as such will involve a certain amount of experimentation and fluctuation as we work to improve, expand, and incorporate feedback. We welcome comments of all kinds.

What’s live today:

  • Original Research, Reporting and Analysis
  • Currency Profiles and Market Data
  • Research
  • The Smith + Crown Cryptocurrency Index

There is much more to come!

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